Inbound Marketing

Aumenta la efectividad de tu mercadeo con la metodología inbound

What you should know

Inbound marketing is not a channel, a tactic or a technology; Is a methodology through which brands attract, convert and close to their potential customers. For this it uses a variety of channels, including social networks, email, blogs, “search engine optimization”, search engine optimization among other tools.

80% of key people when making business decisions prefer to receive information through content rather than through advertising.


In this course participants learn about inbound methodology, profiling using data, positioning in google and other search engines, optimizing websites, creating landing pages, strategies for content development and distribution in social networks, management of CRM “customer relationship manager” and email marketing.


  • Learn the basics of inbound marketing and the differences between other marketing strategies and methodologies.


  • Learn how to investigate and clearly define marketing objectives, customer buyer profile, marketing and sales process supported by digital tools for multiple contact points.


  • Learn the latest changes on how to optimize your website for search engines, content creation and social content distribution.

  • Develops content directed to the taking of actions by potential clients, management of CRM for identification of history and trajectory of the client and marketing process oriented to close sales.


  • Development of strategies for the creation of Landing Pages directed to the action of potential clients.


  • Creation, development of processes and management of data to send effective emails.