Google Analytics

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What you should know

Digital analysis is the measurement, compilation, analysis and reporting of digital data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing business performance. Google Analytics gives you the digital analysis tools you need to analyze data from all the contact points in one place, which translates into a better understanding of the user experience.

Google Analytics is installed on at least 10 million websites, is used by 64% of the top 500 US retailers and 45% of the Fortune 500 companies. All these combined metrics give Google Analytics a market share of more than 82% as an analysis platform.


Google Analytics can be one of the most difficult tools to master in the digital world. In this course participants learn the basic and advanced functions of a Google Analytics account to facilitate the tracking of the client’s trajectory, to know their behavior and to measure the performance of each traffic channel.


  • Understand the structure, administration and security of a Google Analytics account in addition to integration with Google Adwords


  • Understands the hierarchy of a Google Analytics account and the terms “Account,” “Property” and “View.”


  • Learn how to create and use audiences in Google Analitycs to effectively remarket based on user actions.


  • Understand the four components of the Google Analytics platform and how they work together to get useful data in your reports

  • Understands the Google Analytics data model, which explains how interactions, sessions, and users are attributed


  • Understand how metrics and dimensions are combined to create reports and what dimensions and metrics can be used together


  • Understands the “last click” attribution model compared to other models


  • Understand the requirements for Google Analitycs certification exams