Google AdWords

Transforma tu proceso de ventas y obtén tu certificación

What you should know

By 2017 the purchase of advertising through Google AdWords is expected to be $35.98 billion, which represents 16% of the total purchases of digital media spaces around the world. The purchase of advertising through Google AdWords is done through text ads for search, display ads, video ads for YouTube or advertising for mobile applications.

A survey by CMO survey among Senior level marketers indicated that by 2017 the majority are planning to increase the purchase of digital media by 13.2% while they expect to reduce purchase in traditional spaces by 3.2%


Theory, practice and experience make the Google AdWords course one of the courses of greatest demand. In this course participants learn the basic and advanced functions of a Google AdWords account.


We’ll create AdWords campaigns for Search, Display, Video and Apps using text and display ads. Learn strategies to manage and optimize AdWords campaigns, as well as analyze and budget planning.


  • Understand the structure, administration, and security of a Google Adwords account and accounts (MCC) My Client Center


  • Learn how to clearly define the marketing goals to use in your Google Adwords campaign with calls, clicks to the website, or install apps


  • Learn to use Google Keyword Planner and Display Planner to plan the budget according to your goals, create proposals with data for your customers and identify opportunities

  • Learn to identify your audience for Display or Video campaigns by choosing from the various options such as topics, market, category or keywords


  • Understands the policies, restrictions, and approval process for text, display, and video ads in Google AdWords


  • Learn how to integrate Google AdWords with Google Analytics and Youtube for better data analysis