Facebook Advertising

Aprende a comprar publicidad en Facebook correctamente

What you should know

Advertising on Facebook is essential for any business or brand that tries to reach its customers. Well-targeted Facebook ads can attract new fans and retain old customers in the same publication, Facebook ads can increase your brand’s credibility and presence on the web. To have an impact on Facebook, in 2017 requires a combination of reach and engagement, organic and paid.

The organic reach of publications on Facebook has dropped from 16% in 2012 to 2% in 2016, based on a study developed by the SocialFlow tool, using as an example about 300 media companies among which is The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast and Time Inc.


This course covers the different channels to buy ads on Facebook, and the purpose for each of them. In addition to creating, managing and optimizing Facebook campaigns, do analysis and budget planning.


  • Understand the structure, administration and security of a Facebook account, Advertising and the configuration and management of a Business Manager along with its structure of user permissions.


  • Understand how to set Facebook Pixel to better track results, accurately measure conversions and optimize your campaign, set up standard events and custom conversions.


  • Learn to use lead ads correctly to generate more leads for your business.


  • Broaden the reach of your campaigns using the Audience Network and find out what ad targets, formats and ad types are available for the Audience Network.

  • Learn how to buy the right ad type for your brand, how your bid is calculated and how to earn a spot in the ad auction, understand factors that affect ad serving.


  • Learn what Facebook and Instagram have to offer as individual platforms and how to use them properly.


  • Learn to optimize Facebook ads by doing A / B tests to identify which ads are having the best results.


  • Understand how the orientation to specific audiences works and development of strategy focused on scope and precision, difference between main audience, custom audience and lookalike audience.