Data Visualization

Transforma los datos en información útil para la toma de decisiones

What you should know

Companies are generating more and more data on each business interaction and tracking they perform, this has created the need for a better visualization of the data set generated. All these generated data must be transformed into useful information to be used in decision making. The visualization of data in panels and reports allows this data to be shared with the necessary people of the companies.

90% of the world's data has been generated in the last 2 years. In a modern enterprise, the ability to transform data into something useful is paramount to success.


Extracting information from the “Big Data” is easier said than taking it to action, most small and medium-sized companies lack the skills and resources to do so, until now. It transforms raw data into information that can be presented in panels, documents and reports.


  • Learn how to clearly define market objectives, (KPI) “Key Performance Indicators” to visualize relevant data.


  • Develops dashboards and reports to quickly understand campaign results, learn how to share data anywhere, including mobile.


  • Compare results from campaigns, customer segments, and past and present geographies. Follow customer feedback with multiple real-time data sources.

  • Learn how to integrate data sources into a dashboard, including Excel, Analytics, AdWords, Emails, Salesforce and more..


  • Discover how to tailor and improve your marketing approach for specific audiences by taking into consideration ROI Return on Investment, market segments, campaigns, channels and audiences.


  • Tailor your trend-based social media and social media campaigns by identifying key data.